Tips For Finding Fashion With A Purpose

When it comes to fashion, the clothing you wear always serves a purpose. It’s clothing, it covers you. Maybe it helps you get a job, maybe it helps you win a pageant. However, these days it seems like clothing is taking on more jobs than just keeping you covered. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Diamond for You

Thanks to Ms. Monroe, we know that diamonds are in fact a girl’s best friend, but how do you go about picking the right diamond for you? There is a lot to consider when picking out a diamond, and so let me help by giving you some of the facts and a little advice on how to go about it. Continue reading

Check it – Who owns your favourite retail outlets

We all have our favourite retailers, those fashion brands we turn to when we need a new pair of jeans, simple top or a nice dress. Retailers we trust, who we know how their clothes fit and like their prices. However how many of us actually no a lot about these retailers? Like their history, who owns them, their ethical standards and even how much the companies make or are worth? If you knew this information would you think twice about shopping there? Continue reading

Dressing the Part for Horse Racing Events in 2016


There are many exciting events that are set to take place in 2016 and one type of event that is certain to prove popular with both men and women is horse racing. Horse races are always well attended and provide a traditional and exciting form of entertainment for people of all ages. There are various meets and races already in place for the coming year so racing fans have plenty to look forward to. Continue reading

How to Still Look Festival-Ready in the Winter

Winter is on the horizon, but that won’t prevent anyone from attending their favorite concerts! Unfortunately, festival season is over – the joyous weekends spent enjoying our favorite music in the summer sun wearing cropped tops, tanks, tees, shorts, and flip flops. Now we’re stuck waiting in line for venues, already a miserable experience, made even worse by the colder weather, the freezing winds, and the horrible ice rain, or worse, snow! So how do you still look chic and stay warm? Simple! Continue reading

Great Tips For Picking The Right Dress

2015 is hotting up to be an exciting year in fashion. Now that we all have a little more cash in our pockets, the clothing stores seem to be rewarding us. There are some gorgeous fashion ideas, great cuts, and even better prints than ever before. Whatever your style, the high streets and malls of the world have never been more full of great bargains for us all to look really great this year. Let’s hope the weather keeps up with it!

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